Dual-Vision Windshield Cameras with Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring


Dual-Vision windshield camera by Rosco is a self-contained, dual-camera, high-capacity audio/video digital recorder with a post-route GPS tracker included. A lockable security enclosure prevents damage, intentional and unintentional, to the device and restricts access to recordings, camera views, and functionality.

The enclosed unit mounts on the inside windshield and provides a clear 310° degree view of both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

NEW Third Camera Option to Fit Your Application Needs!
  • NEW Third Camera Option to Fit Your Application Needs
    • Interior Dome Camera
    • Bullet Camera
    • Rearview License Plate Camera
    • Backup Camera
    • Side Camera
  • Wi-Fi Data Download Option
  • 160+ Hours of Continuous Video Recording "Prevent the Event"
  • Instant Driver Feedback and Training
  • Ideal Tool to Make Certain Commercial Drivers are Complying with New Distracted Driving Law
  • Smaller Windshield Imprint! Only 4" in height and 2.5" Wide!
  • Data Stores on Removable 32GB SD Card
  • Audio/Video Plays on any Computer; no Special Decoding Subscription Required
  • Timer for 24-hour Surveillance of Vehicle
  • Contains Integrated GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Speed, Direction, Location, Vehicle Number, and Date/Time Stamp
  • Unit Includes Windshield Mount Push Lock

Upgrade your vehicles and fleet management system with this innovative digital recording windshield camera.