8" x 15" dual mirror, two point mount, motorized, 12 or 24 volt

  • Lightweight, vibration reducing design
  • Certified OEMs to meet FMVSS-111 requirements
  • Same model can be mounted as upright, overhang or two point mount
  • Reduces inventory of replacement parts
  • Aerodynamic, wind tunnel tested profile has lower drag coefficient for increased fuel economy
  • Available motorized or hand adjustable
  • Available with heated and LED turn signal options
  • Each motorized mirror lens is four way adjustable
  • Hidden wire and connectors
  • Black or chrome finish is available
  • Full height rear entry cap allows for simple installation and ease of maintenance, including access to all wires and harnesses

The AccuStyle® mirror is a versatile and uniquely stylized product with application in nearly every industry. The AccuStyle® mirror head can be mounted on mirror arms which are 3/4" O.D. tube up through 1-1/8" O.D. tube via the removable clamp cover on the back of the mirror shell – making OEM installation as well as aftermarket retrofit a breeze. The AccuStyle® mirror can be mounted on a traditional arm or "loop" (two point mount), or can be a single point overhang or upright mount. Finishes are available in black and chrome.