6"x9" Entrance Door Convex Mirror for RTS, GMC No.15503033, 03-06-1002

  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Available with a variety of mounting brackets
  • Available in transparent gray or opaque black

Rosco interior bus and truck mirrors offer a wide selection of product supported by numerous lens options and mounting solutions to make interior vehicle safety a top priority. Ranging from a 10” x 30” flat lens mirror with safety glass, to a 5” convex lens mirror with ball stud mount, Rosco has the correct mirror for your application. Options to consider are safety glass, non-glare glass, acrylic lenses, tamper proof fasteners, stanchion and ceiling mounts, and an assortment of brackets ranging from simple up/down pivots, to brackets allowing multi directional movement of mirrors with ball studs.

  • All models manufactured with safety glass.
  • Padded edges meet federal and state requirements for safety.
  • Available with non-glare glass.
  • Comes with complete mounting brackets.
  • Powder Coated for durability
  • Available various sizes and mounting configurations