ABT Products & Services LTD: Capabilities Statement

ABT Products & Services was established in 2001. Our company, as a full service representative and distributor, is focused on providing a wide range of products & services. These include industrial products, medical products, IT services, vehicular needs an installation services we offer low cost solutions for many needs.

We offer competitive price and stock availability

NYC Authorized Fastenal Reseller -

As a Fastenal reseller, we offer to supply a wide range of industrial and safety Products. This includes Fasteners, Tools, Safety Equipment, Apparel, Chemicals, Medical Supplies, Janitorial Supplies and more.

Rosco Mirrors -

Vehicle Mirrors; New & Repaired, Video Surveillance. DualVision Video Cameras, Backup Cameras and sensors, MobileEye Pedestrian Avoidance Systems.

Super Springs -

Vehicle suspension stabilizer SuperSprings and SumoSprings.

ABC Comapnies-

Vehicle parts.

WBE/DBE Procurements -

Certified DBE/WBE Company for installtions, Bus Parts & More.

Major Customers -


Major Advantage:

"We Are Where You Are!" We are local. In partnership with Fastenal and others we offer stocked product support and quick delivery. We support the products we sell with technical and product support- This means you get the products you need at the right and the right time! We keep coming back too!